of Cali, Colombia.
Kosher EMET

We declare that the following companies have products that were rigorously
inspected by our Community Rabbi to certify its Kashrut. Please refer to each
certificate to see what are those products in each case.

Our Community Rabbi, who signs the certificates, is fully accredited to do so,
and all the certifications needed to support his suitability are available. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

(The certificates in this page are the originals PDF documents before signature and
stamp. The documents are posted here only after the printed version is reviewed
and signed by our Community Rabbi)

Ingenio Manuelita  Ingenio Manuelita Oma's deli DELIKATESSEN  OMAS Deli
Aceites Manuelita  Ingenio Manuelita BioStevia
Ingenio Mayagüéz  Mayagüez Productora de Jugos Productora de Jugos
Ingenio La Cabaña  Ingenio La Cabaña Ingenio Pichichí  Ingenio Pichichi
Refinal S.A. CI Natural
Frexco S.A. Merquimia Internacional
Huevos Oro  Huevos ORO Industrias Alimenticias DAFI DAFI
Le Chaffeur

Soon you will find here all the certificates. We are posting the certificates as we renew the previous certificates. All the companies listed here have valid certificates but not all are posted yet.

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For more information on the certificates please contact us

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